Friday, June 24, 2011

The Incubus and Succubus

These two types of ghosts are sexual in nature. An incubus is a male ghost and a succubus is a female ghost. When the living encounter this kind of spirit they often report a feeling that they have been caressed or even violated for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Today many associate this kind of encounter with ‘Old Hag Syndrome” which I wrote about in another post here

These kind of encounters have been associated with Old Hag because people often report feeling a pressure weighing down on them and they sometimes state that these encounters seem to happen in a dreamlike state. These descriptions sound similar to “Old Hag” hence the association. 

But many incubus or succubus descriptions go way beyond what we associate with this syndrome. 

Are the people who report this phenomena truly being attacked by an unseen pressure or is it imagined or psychological in nature? Regardless, it must be admitted that some of these encounters are something other than sleep paralysis.

As more people openly share what they have experienced it is becoming more acceptable to consider the possibility that some negative ghosts abuse the living in this way. 

Since many people believe that ghosts exist—then should we also accept that incubus and succubus attacks occur? If we can hear ghosts' footsteps their voices, and if they can move objects and touch the living, then it should be conceivable that disturbed or negative ghosts could attack in this manner.

As I have mentioned in past posts many feel that ghosts reflect their personalities while they were living. 

If they were good and kind while alive they most often will be mild ghosts. But if they were angry and violent while alive they will have these same attributes as ghosts. Therefore, it could be a distinct possibility that some ghosts sexually abuse the living.

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