Thursday, June 23, 2011

Assembling a Ghost Hunting Team

When you decide to form a ghost hunting team you need to keep in mind several goals. 

The first is to choose people who are dedicated and willing to drop everything to participate. The second is to choose people who you can trust. The third is to choose people who are willing to follow the rules of your group. The fourth, is to choose people who are willing to publicize your team and help locate haunted areas, request permission to investigate, and then do research for investigations.

Finding people that match the qualifications above is not an easy task. But if you assemble a team with these qualifications in mind it will guarantee your group will be successful. 

How you structure and organize your team is as important as the people you choose. 

First, be aware that you should keep your team small. Second, you should provide training for your members. Third, you should assign each member a role they must perform during investigations. Fourth, communicate clearly what equipment will be supplied and what basic equipment each member should buy for their own use.

Make sure you include both believers and skeptics on your team. You need to make clear to potential members that it takes a lot of time and effort to be an effective ghost hunter. 

Ghost hunting can be entertaining but you need to be honest with new members—it is also a lot of work. If your team is more social than serious then the items above are not as important. 

Finally, write down a list of expectations for your team e.g., how everyone should treat clients, what they should do to prepare for an investigation, keeping a positive attitude, etc. Communicating these simple guidelines will insure a successful investigation and allow everyone to participate effectively. 

Also make sure you keep a good sense of humor, being the leader—you will need it.

The above was just a bare bones attempt to describe this process. You will need to fill in the blanks with specifics that work for you…

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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