Monday, June 27, 2011

What to do if you see a Ghost?

This question is asked a lot on the Internet but the responses often don’t take it seriously. No one has a definitive answer to this question but here are some practical suggestions. 

First be aware the brain often plays tricks on us but if you really feel you have seen a ghost consider the following. Avoid fear to the degree you can. Fear tends to attract negative energy. Also step back objectively and understand that spirits cannot harm you.

If you are a child go to an adult you trust immediately and tell them. If you see the ghost again tell the ghost to leave you alone—you can also state you cannot help them—then go to an adult. If the encounters persist ignore them, put them out of your mind, and don’t talk to them again and they will most likely move on. If they don’t, again ask an adult for help.

For adults the most effective thing to do is stay put so they know you are not afraid and then ask the spirit very firmly, “What do you want?” Or you can ask, “How can I help you?” This in a sense puts them on a level playing field with you. If you acknowledge them, treat them with respect, and show no fear this gives you the power.

Often spirits just want to be acknowledged. If the spirit stays around you have two main options, the first is to build a relationship with them. I have known people that have lived with ghosts for years. They in a sense become apart of the family. You can talk to them, reason with them, set guidelines they must follow and most when treated with respect will follow your wishes.

Your second option is to tell them to move on and then ignore them, bless your house or have it blessed, or have it smudged, etc. Note: this advice is for an intelligent haunting—if you have a residual haunting it is best to just ignore the activity. They are not aware of you so why worry.

The idea of talking to spirits I am sure seems odd. But keep this in mind if you are not comfortable with this concept. For many years, people have done exactly this and it has worked for them—so it could work for you. 

Some feel to communicate with ghosts you need to communicate not with your voice but with your emotions because they communicate with their emotions. I will write about this method in a future post.

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