Friday, June 17, 2011

Banish Ghosts: Smudging

If you find you have an entity or negative energy that you cannot live with, and you have already tried to talk or reason with it might be time to consider having someone come in to smudge, cleanse, and/or bless your house or office, etc. 

Most people who do smudging charge fees so you might want to try to do it yourself first. Warning if you have a persistent presence you might have to bring in a professional, but I have known many who have smudged their own property successfully.

My group and other ghost hunting groups rarely assist because we are seeking ghosts not trying to get rid of them—but in stating this, I should also point out that most ghost hunting groups can refer clients to someone who does do smudging, etc. 

Some say if you just talk to an entity and tell them to move on, e.g., go to the white light; that this sometimes works. But keep in mind not all ghosts are confused and just need help, some stick around because they have to or want to.

So What is Smudging? 

It is basically when you burn sage to drive out negative energy and sweetgrass to attract positive energy.

From churches burning incense to ancient cultures in China, India, Southeast Asian, and Native North Americans, they all believe in burning herbal smoke mixtures to bless, cleanse, and send messages to the spirit world. 

These rituals are also believed to possess protective and healing powers.

If you decide to smudge yourself here are some essential items you will need. 

A sage/sweetgrass smudge stick. Candles—these are lit to signify your intent is pure. Crystals, for example, rose quartz promotes peace—make sure and cleanse beforehand by soaking them in sea salt for 72 hours, to clean them. 

Crystals act as transmitters of your intent, and they also maintain it. Lavender oil is used to restore balance. 

Also needed are matches, stone or ceramic bowl on which to place your smudge stick, a large feather to waft/move the smoke, and an oil burner to put hot water in so you can float the oil.

Traditional plants used in smudge sticks are sagebrush, sage, sweetgrass, lavender, cedar, mugwort, juniper, yerba santa, and rosemary. You can use a large seashell as a smudging bowl. 

Burning an essential oil when used in combination with a smudging stick allows for a pleasant aroma that has a stimulating effect.

So How Do Crystals Fit into a Smudging Ritual? 

The unique crystal's power can enhance the smudging process. 

For example, quartz is a power stone that transmits and receives energy. Turquoise is a protective stone, it promotes success and fulfillment.

Amethyst is a soothing and cleansing stone, it helps a good night’s sleep. Sodalite is a positive balancing stone, it can be used as a healing stone. 

Citrine clears the mind and gives confidence. It helps foster friendship and dispels fear. Rose quartz, which I mentioned above, is a symbol of peace and love, it helps with self-esteem and helps heal grief. 

Remember to cleanse/soak crystals before you use them.

How to Smudge

Now to the actual smudging. This one is modeled after a traditional Native North American ritual. 

Light the smudge stick and place it in the bowl—let it burn for a few minutes until the tip starts to smolder. Fan the flames for a while, and then extinguish the fire, so the smudge stick smokes. Carry the smudge stick in the bowl to catch any stray residue. 

Take the feather and smudge all items, e.g., move the smoke with the feather toward things you are smudging. Smudge yourself, and anyone who is with you, then walk around each room wafting the smoke into each corner.

Call on the spirit of sage to drive away negativity from each room, and then ask the spirit of sweetgrass to bring harmony and balance to the room. Move to the center of the room and standstill. 

Turn to the east, and fan the smudge four times in this direction saying, “Spirit of the East, Great Spirit of the Air, cleanse and inspire this space. 

Turn to the south, and smudge four times in this direction saying, “Spirit of the South, Great Spirit of Water, strengthen and bring peace to this space.” 

Turn to the west, and again smudge four times in this direction saying, “Spirit of the West, Great Spirit of Fire, energize and protect this space.” 

Turn to the north, smudge four times in this direction saying, ‘Great Spirit of the Earth, ground and cleanse this space.” 

Turn to your original position and look up, smudge four times in this direction, saying, “Great Father Sky, guard this space from above.” 

Finally, bend toward the floor, and smudge four times in this direction saying, “Great Mother Earth, nurture this space from below.”

Put the smudge stick and bowl down, and stand quietly with your eyes closed. Visualize the high spirits you have summoned standing guard around the room. 

You can visualize them as archangels, or the four Native North American traditional spirit animals. North is the Buffalo, East is the Eagle, South is the coyote, and West is the Grizzly Bear. 

Visualize the loving energy of the mother, and father spirits above and below you. Give thanks to all of them.

Warning: When you smudge a house, the smell of this smoke lingers for some time.


Anonymous said...

I'm an occultist and a sensitive. I've done the banishment like you have listed, but I also included setting orgonite crystals around the property, salting the house, windows, and exterior of the property. I also washed all windows and reflective surfaces with vinegar and none of it has really had that much of an effect on the spirits. I even placed in a solution of vinegar,black pepper and sage..putting solomon's seals on every wall and door.So I can only assume that all this applies only if you have some religious affliation to some deity. None of my family or myself do. What I did took things down to a minimum, but didn't remove the spirits. So, got any other ideas on how to prevent or banish any negative spirits or negative energies from the property and keep it that way?

Virginia Lamkin said...

I do not smudge myself. My post describes how a friend of mine, a Native American does it. She has always had success. It is a part of her cultural and religious beliefs so I think this is why it works for her. As for my clients who have done this or other ritual smudging similar to this, I believe they have had success because they had a direct passion and need for it to work. Is the place you are referring to your home or another persons?
One other thought--I have mentioned this in other posts. You often have to smudge several times before it takes effect--and even then you have to continue to smudge--spirits tend to return.
As I stated in my post I am a ghost seeker so I rarely get involved with this side of it. If your efforts have not worked I would recommend you consult with other people in your area who smudge.