Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Haunted Doll

Can a single object be haunted or is it just places that are haunted? This is a question that is yet to be answered. The story that follows was told to me several years ago during a chance meeting I had at a professional conference I was attending. Let me preface this story with this statement--I believed the person who told me this story was sincere.

I first encountered a haunted object when a life size doll was given to one of my older sisters. This sister was very ill with scarlet fever and literally missed an entire year of school. 

My father, who traveled a lot for his work brought a special doll home and presented it to my sister to cheer her up. He explained it was a beloved doll of a friends’ daughter who had outgrown it.

My father was quite the storyteller and one of his favorite stories, at this time, was that late one evening when he visited my sister he forgot that the doll he had given her always sat in the window seat facing the room. He spotted it as he entered the room and was startled for a moment forgetting that it was a doll. He retold this story several times to family and friends reliving the moment when he thought an unknown child was in my sisters’ room.

This doll was literally the same height as myself. It was so large that it didn’t lend itself to be handled or played with so it was just displayed. 

Hence during the short time my sister had it in her room it sat on the window seat and was not moved. Typical to dolls at that time this doll’s stiff plastic arms moved up and down, and you could twist its head from side to side.

I was a young child but I was not timid or easily frightened. I first observed that this doll appeared to be changing positions when I would visit my sisters’ bedside before I went to school and then when I returned home. It was subtle things at first. 

The head would be turned or one arm would be down when both were usually outstretched. When I mentioned this to my sister she shrugged and said the doll probably had been bumped.

My bedroom was across the hall from my sisters and several nights in a row I was woken up by the sounds of something stumbling around in my sisters’ room. Finally wondering why my sister was out of bed when she wasn’t supposed to be I entered her room on the third night to find my sister asleep and the doll face down on the floor. 

Scared, the next morning I told what I had heard and seen to my mother and sister but they laughed and stated that the doll most likely had just fallen. It was several weeks later when my mother also started to show concern when the doll started to shift to the other side of the window seat and back. It was shortly after this that the doll was no longer in my sisters’ bedroom; in fact, I never saw the doll again.

As the years past, my parents never mentioned the doll. As a teenager I brought up the subject of the doll one day to my mother, she hesitated and then replied that at that age I must have had an overactive imagination. 

This was a curious response since I still remember the day before the doll disappeared the worry I saw on her face when she admitted to my sister and I that the doll appeared to be moving…

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leog68 said...

Have Eleven haunted dolls all children spirits ages 2-10 they are earthbound spirits aka ghost some been with me for more then ten years. Spirits do lie and some adults and teens act like a child. Unfortunately so do demons, so you need to be careful were you get haunted item. There's activity that comes with the doll and varies from spirit to spirit. One thing the can do is make you cry or tear from the corner of your eyes if you're around them long enough, they can move body part, change expression in dolls they even can change positions. Have heard some can move from where you put their doll but have never witnessed. Anyone looking to get one must know as much as possible about the spirit(s) and seller, also must be emotionally prepared for the activity that comes with the dolls.