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Cannock Chase’s Black-Eyed Demon Child

Cannock Chase Forest
Cannock Chase is a 26-mile forest in southern Staffordshire, England. Over the years, many sightings of strange creatures have been reported in this forest.

Many of these sightings revolve around a demon girl child that is similar to reports today involving so-called Black-eyed Children.

I talk about sightings of Black-eyed Children in the United States, here.

In England’s Cannock Chase these unusual sightings have been reported since the early 1980s.

In July of last year, a mother and daughter were walking through the Birches Valley when the two heard the screams of a young child. They broke into a run heading toward the sounds of distress.

They searched but didn’t find a child. They turned to leave and there behind them was a young female child no older than ten.

This odd child covered her eyes with her hands. The mother asked, “Are you the one who was screaming?”

The child removed her hands and opened her eyes. The mother horrified grabbed her daughter and started to run. The child appeared to have no eyes--just dark empty sockets.

When the mother looked back the child was gone.

Not a Child but a Demon

Witnesses that have seen this strange girl feel strongly that she is not what she first appears--they feel she has an evil intent. For this reason she is referred to as a demon.

Most reports state that this young girl lures the witnesses into potentially dangerous situations. There have been eight documented * encounters reported over the last two years--they are all eerily similar.

These witnesses all felt that this child was “dangerous.” They have trouble voicing why they got this feeling but they all agree that something sinister was occurring.

Black-eyed demon child.
An early report in 1983 reflects these concerns.

A teenager was walking in Cannock Chase when she heard a young child shouting for help. She followed the sound and landed on a dirt path. A young girl--6 to 8 years old--was running down this path in the opposite direction.

The young girl was yelling, “help mommy help.”

It was getting dark and the undergrowth was becoming too dense to pass through. Once the child reached a group of trees she stopped and looked at the teen.

Startled the teen noticed the child looked “dead in the eyes.” The young girl turned and ran further into the woodland. The teenager feeling she was some how in danger, wisely turned back.

A Recent Sighting

Two weeks ago on September 13th a couple was walking through Cannock Chase near Stile Cop with their dog.

Once they entered the woodland the road they followed was no longer visible. They heard a child giggling.

To their amazement they saw a child no taller than 3 feet on the path in front of them. She appeared to be alone.

They stopped dead in their tracks when they noticed her eyes had no color. They were dark and empty. The child’s head was titled at an odd angle to the side--as if she had been hanged.

She stopped and stared at them for five minutes before running toward a dense stand of trees.

The wife wanted to follow her but her husband listening to his gut feeling insisted they turn back.

* Lee Brickley, an English author actively investigates these sightings. The story above about the teenage witness--is his aunt. Here is his web site.

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