Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Ghost of Captain Joshua Huddy

The British hanged this American Captain during the Revolutionary War for a murder he did not commit.

Sandy Hook in New Jersey was an important location for both the Americans and the British troops during the colonists struggle for independence.

It was here the colonists could observe British ship movements to and from New York City, which was occupied by the enemy.

The British needed to protect Sandy Hook Lighthouse against the rebels that were trying to destroy it--in hopes of causing an increase in British shipwrecks.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse
British Naval squadrons frequently stopped at Sandy Hook Bay to take shelter and top off their casks with the clear waters from a spring located at the Highlands.

Joshua Huddy was the son of a prominent Monmouth County family. He was leading an attack against British troops, stationed at Sandy Hook when he was captured.

Captain Huddy being
taken to prison.

The British tired of constant harassment by American patrols, and American spies were looking for an excuse to use a rebel as an example. Captain Huddy was chosen.

They accused Captain Huddy of killing Philip White, a British soldier. It was a trumped-up charge, for they knew White had actually been shot after Huddy had been taken as a prisoner.

They hanged Huddy from a tall tree atop the Highlands on April 12, 1782--his last view was of Sandy Hook and the bay.

A public outcry arose on both sides of the Atlantic when this dishonest treachery by the British commanders became known.

Captain Huddy quickly became an American martyr, because he had valiantly served his country, and he was “most foully murdered by the British occupiers.”

More than a martyr was created that April in 1782, for the restless spirit of this wronged Captain, still roams Sandy Hook.

It is said, Captain Huddy still watches for British warships approaching.

His spirit is known to check the living he encounters on his nightly patrols, to determine if they are patriotic Americans.

His ghost is seen wearing a Revolutionary War officer uniform. He wanders the shores of Sandy Hook.

He approaches people who observe him, but at the last moment, turns away, and then mysteriously disappears.

It is said that he disappears once he has heard the voices of those he meets. This is why it is believed that he is checking for British accents.

Some believe his ghost appears because he is seeking revenge for his unjust hanging.

After Hurricane Sandy's devastation to the area--the Monmouth County Park at Sandy Hook was reopened in the summer of 2013. So far, there have been no new reports about this ghost.

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Frank Huddy said...

Fascinating story of Captain Joshua Huddy. I've seen the sign for Huddy Park, at Toms River.