Friday, September 5, 2014

Haunted Presidential Library

When I was doing research recently about a haunting that occurs in California, one contact, I talked to on the phone with mentioned another place that is haunted nearby.

President Nixon resigning just
before he was impeached
for the Watergate break-in.
I had heard since former President Nixon’s death that he haunts his presidential library but this caller told me about another ghost that is seen on the property as well.

The Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace is located in Yorba Linda, California a short 43-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles.

This complex includes Nixon’s library, a museum, gardens and his birthplace home.

Shortly after Nixon was buried on the property rumors began to spread about unusual paranormal activity.

A night watchman gave the first report. He saw a thick hazy green mist hovering around Nixon’s headstone.

Several months passed, then late one night a guard saw the figure of a man entering the front door of the president’s Birthplace Home.

When he went to apprehend this intruder he was surprised to find the door was locked. He felt no “living person” could have entered the home.

In the Presidential Library, again late at night, other guards began to hear rapping noises in the area that displays the Watergate Tapes. The cause for this sound was never found.

Presidential Library
The mornings after these rapping sounds were heard these tapes would always malfunction.

Since this area was renovated in 2007, these tapes no longer malfunction but the plasma screens that are a part of the newer Watergate display, go down randomly without explanation.

Visitors to the center also report strange occurrences.

Witnesses report seeing, out of the corner of their eye, a fleeting glimpse of someone walking around the center. When they turn no is there.

Others have reported feelings of unease or discomfort while standing near Nixon’s grave.

In the library and museum buildings, visitors have reported cold drafts. One witness reported being touched by an invisible cold, clammy hand.

Yet others have reported an unidentifiable buzzing sound or an unpleasant odor that wafts through the air.

Richard and Pat Nixon's
The surprising story told during my phone conversation involves the former first lady--Pat Nixon.

Pat Nixon
She passed away ten months before her husband, in June of 1993. Pat is also buried on the property.

Her ghost is seen near where she is buried. Witnesses have watched as she enjoys the rose gardens that adjoin her gravesite.

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Mrgoo said...

There were stories of strange happenings before the library opened in 1990. I was a docent at the library from the opening until shortly after Mrs. Nixon passed away. In July of 1991 two fellow docents, a security guard and I went on a "ghost hunt" at approximately 10pm. I bought a brand new tape recorder on my way to the museum and recorded everything as we went throughout the facility. When we got to the birthplace, we attempted to contact the spirit that had been identified by some as Almira Milhouse.When I asked for the spirit of Almira to come forward, nothing happened. In fact, nothing unusual happened at all that night. However, the next morning when I listened to the tape with headphones, at the point where I said the name Milhouse, the tape made several clicking sounds as if it were malfunctioning. Then, very distinctly a female voice said "Milhouse".The only two people in the house at that point were the security guard and myself. The two other docents had left as they were too afraid to participate. As I said, it was a brand new recorder, batteries and tape. The recorder never left my possession and could not have been tampered with. What was it? Whose voice was it? I can only speculate. Yes, I still have the tape.