Friday, September 26, 2014

Espanola Police Station Ghost

Espanola Police station
North of Santa Fe, New Mexico is the small town of Espanola. Last Saturday night an officer on duty at the local police station in this community was watching the surveillance cameras when he spotted something strange walk across one screen.

This footage was shown yesterday on a local NM news station. This morning it was highlighted nationally on Good Morning America.

The ghost was seen in an area behind the station, the sally port, where the stations' squad cars are secured within a locked and gated enclosure.

This strange form is a “blurry whitish figure” that walks right through the locked cage gate on the right and then walks across to the left side of the enclosure where it walks right through the fence.

It was noted that the alarm goes off whenever anyone goes in and out of this fenced area and at the time of this recording it did not sound.

What camera captured--click to enlarge
Detective that was interviewed.
A local news station interviewed one officer who states that he feels strongly that this image is not an insect or light anomaly. He goes on to state that he believes in ghosts and that several of the officers feel the station is haunted.

The reason for this is believed to be that several unsolved murders happened near the station. *

These police officers note that a lot of unexplained activity occurs inside the station.

They often hear strange noises and an image has been seen more than once in the lobby.

They state while inside alone they often feel as if someone is watching them. They also report feeling something behind them breathing down their necks.

* One woman I used to ghost hunt with grew up in the Espanola area. She told me that many people that live in this community see the ghosts of Native Americans on their property. In this report it is stated that there is not a Native American burial ground near this station but that doesn't rule out this possibility.

Here is the local news report aired yesterday about this sighting. In it Officer Romero and a detective are interviewed about what was captured on the station’s camera.

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