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Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital, Part ll

Marlboro Hospital
In the first part of this post the sad history of abuse suffered by the patients at this hospital located in Marlboro Township, New Jersey is shared. This abuse is why many people felt this hospital was haunted after it closed down in the late 1990s.

Marlboro was torn down in 2013 and a park stands in its place today.

One popular legend told by Legend Trippers about this old psychiatric hospital involves the ghost of a demented farmer.

The story goes . . .

A farmer named Allen owned the land that the hospital was built upon. His 500-acre farm had been in his family for generations. But the state wanted the rural property for their new hospital.

Mr. Allen refused to sale but this didn’t matter to the government--they seized his property and kicked him off his land.

This took Mr. Allen’s livelihood away, and having lost everything he owned it is said he went mad.

Once the hospital was complete staff began to see Mr. Allen wandering the property late at night, muttering to himself. As time passed he became more irrational. When hospital staff tried to remove him he attacked.

Ironically, after this he was committed to Marlboro as a patient. He stayed to himself and the hospital let him tend to the grass and plants on the grounds.

One day he disappeared. A huge manhunt was organized but Mr. Allen was never found. A rumor later stated a vagrant passing through the state had killed him.
Old Slaughterhouse
Months after this, late at night strange animalistic squeals were heard near the old abandoned slaughterhouse on the hospital property.

These squeals became louder and louder until they began to disturb the patients. Several becoming hysterical had to be sedated.

Marlboro then hired extra security guards to patrol the grounds. One night a guard found strange messages written in blood on the side of the slaughterhouse. They read:

“I see you.” and “Tonight you will die.”

He told his supervisor what he had found and then returned to his patrol. The next morning it was discovered this guard was missing.

Several searchers entered the slaughterhouse. They opened the doors to a large metal freezer. Inside they saw the missing guard’s body hanging from a hook.

He was covered in blood and his head was missing. In its place was a severed pigs’ head.

The murderer was never found but later after several witnesses saw the ghost of Farmer Allen poking his head out of a hole in the slaughterhouse roof it was believed his ghost must have killed the guard.

This slaughterhouse was torn down shortly after the rest of the hospital buildings were demolished.

In Part l Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital, the story of the abuse that occurred at this hospital is told.

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