Monday, April 20, 2015

Ohio’s Lady in Blue

From 1921 to 1957 an old elegant mansion was used as the residence and offices of ten governors in the state of Ohio.

Old Governor's Mansion
This large mansion that sits on 16 acres of land is known today as “The Old Governor’s Mansion.” It is located on East Broad Street in Columbus. In 1972, the mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion was restored in 2007.

The original owner of the home was Charles Lindenberg a successful entrepreneur. He made his money from diverse enterprises, such as newspaper publishing and flag making.

Lindenberg brought in Frank Packard to design his new home. It was completed in 1904 and reflects a mixture of the Colonial Revival style with bits of the Neo-Georgian thrown in.

In its heyday, all the wealthy residents that lived along Broad Street in Columbus envied the mansion. The family owned the home until 1921 when the state of Ohio bought it to use as the state’s governor’s mansion.

Old post card of mansion.
By the late 1950s, after 37 years in service, the mansion was falling apart. It was found the cost of the renovations needed--2.5 million dollars--was more than the land and home were worth at the time so a new governor’s mansion was built.

The old mansion was then used as a party house, restaurant, hair salon, and headquarters for the Columbus Foundation.

Despite all the various owners this old mansion is known to have one permanent resident.

This unworldly resident is an African American woman who appears to have been employed as a maid. She wears an old fashioned blue uniform and has been seen by witnesses in every room of the mansion at one time or another.

It is said when she enters these rooms she takes no note of the living but instead looks around as if inspecting everything. But this haunting is more than just residual.

For the Blue Lady Ghost takes an active interest in things that are changed. She lets the living know when she doesn’t like something. Several newly hung pictures where found knocked off the wall one morning and furniture is often moved around.

At one point this ghost even rolled up a large carpet she did not like.

One staff member during the time the mansion was being renovated in 2007 stated she came face to face with the Blue Lady. The ghost appeared and told her she was happy the home was being restored.

Recent photo
Another constant phenomenon in the mansion is the distinct order of burning hair and flesh that is often smelled in more than one room at a time. 

Because of this odor several people have wondered if this woman was burned in an accident and died of her wounds.

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