Saturday, April 11, 2015

Yorba Linda’s Pink Lady

Yorba Cemetery
California's Yorba Cemetery’s Pink Lady is so well-known thousands of people have traveled to this graveyard in hopes of seeing this ghost.

No one is sure who she was or why she appears but the cemetery she is seen in is the oldest in Orange County. Many are convinced she has a connection to one of California’s first Spanish families.

One legend states her name was Alvina de lost Reyes, another more recent name given to her is Ellie Castillo.

There are several legends told as to why the Pink Lady haunts this cemetery. One version states she was tragically thrown from a horse-drawn carriage on her way home from a dance and died.

Another more sinister version states that she was in a horse-drawn carriage with her sweetheart on their way to a dance, when he inexplicitly shoved her out onto a railroad track. Before she could react, a train hit her, and she was killed.

In both these versions she was wearing a pink gown--hence her name the Pink Lady.

One modern-day version states that the Pink Lady died of an illness while in High School in the 1930s.

Her ghost became more active in the 1970s after renovations on this cemetery began. It is stated she has light brown hair, dark eyes, and wears a pink dress.

These backstories are just a small part of what draws people to the Yorba Cemetery--for the Pink Lady has some unique patterns.

She only appears on the anniversary of her death, June 15th close to midnight. When she decides to appear, it is always in even-numbered years. On average, this means she only appears five or fewer times each decade.

Drawing by psychic
artist, Barbara Sobolewski
 of the Pink Lady.
Witnesses who have seen her state she emerges from an Oleander bush and then makes her way to the rear of the cemetery. Some feel she is visiting a lover’s grave or members of her family.

Witnesses state when she chooses not to appear there are still strange occurrences.

One female paranormal investigator found herself announcing in Spanish, “Por favor espera, que voy!” This lady did not know Spanish and found out later this meant, “Please wait, I am coming.”

Other investigators claim that when she does not appear in even-numbered years, electrical equipment goes haywire or stops working.

One year, a large crowd saw several lampposts flicker and go out, near where the Pink Lady appears. The group was engulfed in darkness. Moments later, when these lamps came back on, they each had a pink glow.

Another paranormal team investigating one night, claim they saw clouds casting an eerie pink hue.

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