Monday, April 13, 2015

Why is My House Haunted?

This is a common question. People who find their homes are haunted often wonder why. Debi Chestnut’s book entitled, How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts and Spirits is a good go to source to answer this question. 

In her chapter entitled, How Did the Ghost Get Here? Chestnut provides a list of reasons or possibilities as to why a home is haunted. It is a good checklist to help determine what is the cause of a haunting.

Of course, there is an endless list of possibilities why a home has ghosts present--but Chestnut’s list touches upon the most likely reasons, which can help a large percentage of the people who ask this question.

In most cases, if one can determine this it helps them to live with the activity without fear. If this comfort level cannot be reached knowing the cause can also help to get rid of the activity.

Here are just a few of Chestnut’s possibilities with brief descriptions. If one is experiencing a haunting my suggestion is to buy her book for the complete list and more in-depth descriptions.

Is it past owners of the home? They might not realize they’re dead or they have a strong attachment to the property. If they do not realize they have passed on clergy can be brought in to lead them or if they simply do not want to leave--the living can lay down ground rules they must follow if they want to stay.

Tied to the land not the property. The entities home might have been torn down but the new owners property is near it. Or the entity might be buried in the area. This type of haunting is normally residual in nature and these entities do not interact with the living--so it is easy to ignore this type of haunting.

Drawn in or invited to your home. Through the use of a séance or Ouija Board. These activities both open portals. Neither of these activities should be taken lightly. If either has been done it is best to bring an expert in to smudge your home.

Is the home cluttered or messy? This type of disorganization can leave the living feeling depressed or sad. Negative energy, like demons and poltergeists can be drawn to this kind of environment. Solution--clean up.

Bringing haunted objects into home. Most of the time this kind of energy is benign--despite what is presented on TV--use your gut instincts if the item doesn’t feel right, don’t buy it. If it has already been brought into home, the solution is easy--get rid of it.

Is the spirit attached to an individual as opposed to the home? If a persons’ behavior has drastically changed, for example are they having: suicidal thoughts, drastic mood swings, an unexplained illness, loss of energy, panic attacks, inability to concentrate, nightmares etc. it might be an attachment.

Chestnut recommends this person should always first go to their physician to rule out other causes--for this type of paranormal activity is rare. If it is determined it is an attachment, one should try to talk and reason with the entity and if this doesn’t work clergy should be brought in.

Debi Chestnut also provides an interesting chapter in her book on how to get rid of ghosts. Her suggestions are useful. In a future post I hope to share more about this topic.

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