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Transylvania: Vlad the Impaler

Hunedoara or Hunyad is an imposing 13-story castle that sits in the heart of Transylvania. This castle is haunted by a dark and powerful entity.

Vlad the Impaler
By most accounts, it is considered to be the most frightening castle in Europe. It is here where the legend of Vlad the Impaler was born.

Every other castle in the vicinity was destroyed, but Hunyad still stands. It is said it was never invaded because people were afraid to come face to face with the evil presence that lurks in almost every corner of the castle.

Impaling victims.

Hunyad is where the infamous warlord Vladimir plied his sadistic trade. He impaled thousands of people who were imprisoned within the castle's walls.

Hunyad Castle
After, he would often drink the blood of his victims in a sick ritual. For he believed he could harness the devil’s power by doing this.

An old Transylvanian superstition was a belief in paranormal creatures called Strigoi. These creatures were believed to be troubled souls of the dead who return from the grave.

It was believed that Strigoi could transform themselves--into animals or even become invisible. A belief was they would “drain the vitality” of their victims by draining their blood.

The belief in these creatures was so intense at one time that most Transylvanians would treat their dying relatives with extra respect afraid they might return as Strigoi and wreck their revenge on the living-- as either a vampire or werewolf.

This superstition drove Romanian residents to go to cemeteries after their deceased loved ones were buried. They would drive a stake through the coffin right into the ground as a preventive measure. For it was believed, “the corpse had to be nailed to the earth” to lift the curse of the Strigoi.

This belief explains why legends about vampires became so prevalent in this part of the world.

The superstition states that some are more prone than others to become Strigoi. If a person lived a life filled with sin, then they would become a Strigoi. Vlad the Impaler fits this category.

The belief that Vlad became a Strigoi was reinforced when several people went to his grave to drive a stake in it. They found animal bones in his coffin, but his body was gone.

Strigoi return to places that they remember fondly. This is the reason why people feel that the evil presence that haunts Hunyad Castle is that of Vladimir.

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Renovations of this castle have been started more than once. All these workers have fled before the work is finished. A dark bloodstain has appeared each time that cannot be removed.

Mediums that have visited the castle all agree that this dark presence seems to haunt every room in Hunyad. Numerous exorcisms have been attempted, but it appears this evil presence is too strong to banish.

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