Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Mexico: Ten Thousand Waves

Ten Thousand Waves
In the 1980s, Duke Klauch bought a Japanese health spa near Santa Fe, New Mexico called, Ten Thousand Waves. He immediately brought in crews to renovate the buildings and landscape.

Soon after this work started, Klauch began to be awakened at 3:00 a.m. He heard a variety of strange sounds--including one that sounded like chains being dragged across the spa’s floors.

He looked but he never discovered what caused these sounds.

A month into the work the lady who had sold him the spa visited. She asked him abruptly if he had seen her daughter. He responded no.

It was at this point she told him that her daughter was dead. This young teen had attended a party where she became extremely upset. She then took her own life.

Her remains had been buried on the property. When Klauch arranged for new landscaping to be put in--her grave had been disturbed. It was at this point her ghost became active.

Klauch was not the only witness to this activity. One worker who was hired for the morning shift heard phantom footfalls on the stairs. He also heard someone moving from the front door into the hallway.

He checked the doors but they were locked and he was alone in the building.

As the weeks passed this activity became more assertive. The worker now heard doors slam loudly. Then one day he saw the girl’s apparition. He felt her presence before he saw her.

He watched as a white mist formed. She appeared within this mist and then disappeared as he watched.

After this sighting he became concerned and suggested that experts should be brought in. Klauch arranged for 3 priests to bless the spa.

They blessed each room as they read passages from the Bible. They also sprinkled holy water all around. Before they left they placed a crucifix on one wall.

The activity stopped after this.

A year later, a housekeeper removed this crucifix. The nocturnal noises started immediately. But when this cross was hung once more, the activity settled down.

Today, this sad ghost is still felt at Ten Thousand Waves but she does not act out like she used to.

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