Monday, November 24, 2014

Haunted Object: Mandy the Doll

This 114-year old doll named Mandy is considered to be “Canada’s most evil antique.”

In 1991 Mandy was donated to the Quesnel & District Museum located in British Columbia. Today she is the main attraction at this museum.

The owner that donated Mandy to the museum felt uncomfortable owning this doll. She kept Mandy in her basement with a variety of other antiques.

She began to hear strange sounds coming from this space but when she would go down to investigate nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

She became scared when she began to hear what she described as “a baby crying” coming from this room. Although she investigated these sounds on many occasions she, never discovered the reason for them.

As this noise became more pronounced and louder, she became convinced this doll was haunted. She decided not to keep it. Not wanting to throw this antique out she donated it to the museum.

After the doll had been removed all the strange sounds stopped.

Once Mandy was displayed in the museum, strange things began to happen.

Staff lunches began to disappear out of the refrigerator only to be found later stuffed into various drawers around the building.

Employees’ personal items, such as photos, pens, and books would disappear without a trace.

At first, the museum displayed Mandy in a case near the entranceway but several guests complained that they got a strange vibe from this doll, so Mandy was moved. 

This doll's cracked and broken face added to these negative feelings. Visitors often stated she "has a sinister smile."

One legend states she then was placed in a case that contained other dolls. But when staff began to find these other dolls, damaged rumors spread it was Mandy. It seems she was jealous.

Mandy eventually was put in a corner in her own case.

This doll was featured in a book entitled Supernatural Stories Around British Columbia. After this more people started to visit the museum just to see Mandy.

Even more unusual activity was reported. Visitors mentioned that their camera and phone batteries would drain while they stood near Mandy’s glass case.

Photos taken of Mandy sometimes would turn out, but in others, the image was blurred. It appears Mandy is picky about who can take her picture.

One female patron complained her camera’s light constantly flickered until she left the room where Mandy is located.

Other creepier reports include people noting this doll’s eyes followed them as they moved around the room and that just as they looked away from her case, they saw Mandy’s eyes blink.

Employees' state Mandy--regardless of the case she is placed in-- has mysteriously moved positions.

All these reports have guaranteed this doll has a scary reputation.


Unknown said...

I look forward to your posts everyday! You're a wealth of ghostly knowledge!! How do you find all of this stuff??

Virginia Lamkin said...

Research, talking to people and my muse who leads me to stories I otherwise would not know about.