Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Before You Decide to Ghost Hunt

Here are some common sense tips you need to consider before you decide to ghost hunt. 

Connect with an experienced ghost hunter group in your area. Ask them if you can observe one of their investigations. 

After this, determine if ghost hunting is really something you want to do. Warning—you cannot learn to ghost hunt from watching how they do it on television.

Be willing to commit a lot of free time to learning how to ghost hunt. If you are accepted on a team the first rule of thumb is be reliable. Show up for all meetings and hunts.

Learn how to use a variety of ghost hunting equipment correctly-- this is very important. 

Do you know how to use a digital camera in the dark? 

Do you know how to use a camcorder in the dark? 

Do you know how to use a digital voice recorder? 

Spend time learning what flashlight works best in the dark. 

Do you know what an EMF detector really does? 

Finally, be aware that reviewing evidence from investigations is very time consuming.

The above is just the beginning list of items that you will find you need once you start hunting. 

Start a wish list of the items you want to get in the future. Also be aware that ghost hunting equipment in general is very expensive. 

If you want a better meter etc…  you will need to pool your money with others. 

Some groups even learn how to make their own equipment, such as, Shack Hacks.

You need to ask yourself why you want to ghost hunt. Most become involved to seek answers and help others.

Dealing with the general public is a big part of ghost hunting. Talking to people and gaining their trust so they will allow you in their homes, businesses etc… is a big part of what you do. 

The flip side of this is the ability to determine if you want the people you interview as clients.

Another important aspect of ghost hunting is learning how to protect yourself from negative spirits or entities you may encounter on a ghost hunt. 

Most sites discuss what equipment you need but not many discuss what protection you need. 

If you do not want this negative energy to follow you home I suggest you research online the various methods, religious or non-religious, which will prevent this from happening.

Lastly, I discourage children under the age of eighteen getting involved in ghost hunting. 

Based upon what I have seen and experienced over the years I feel strongly that emotionally children are just not ready.

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