Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shack Hacks

When I first saw these being used on TV I was very skeptical. But since, members of my group and I have observed others using them at the Stanley. 

I must admit I slowly changed my mind about them. Various people using a Shack Hack scanner and a PX got identical answers to direct questions. This peaked my interest enough that when I returned home I hacked a Radio Shack AM/FM Shortwave radio. (20-125).

We took it to one of our favorite haunted places and tried it out. I was impressed with the results. 

Using the scanner and a ghost radar off my android I asked questions of the resident spirit child that we have recorded in the past. I asked the spirits name (we know from past encounters his name is Tommy) the scanner and radar both responded "Thomas." 

The scanner voice also questioned us about the radio, and requested we be quiet and listen. I found this very ironic.

So far the results we have experienced have been quite impressive. My advice to you is if you decide to experiment with a Shack Hack first use it in a place that is known to be haunted. 

It is amazes me that people quickly criticize simple ghost hunting equipment. 

I ask them where they have used it and they always state "their homes," I then ask if their homes are haunted and they reply "no." 

Second, use patience. Sometimes it takes awhile to get responses. If you find a place that is haunted return often so you increase your chances of gathering evidence.

Lastly, there are many sites on the web that show you how to hack various radios from Radio Shack. 

The one I hacked is considered one of the harder ones to do. But since I am a visual learner l found it wasn't hard at all. 

If you want a scanner but do not want to hack one yourself you can find them on ebay for around $40 to $50 dollars.

Happy Ghost Hunting! 

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