Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today More People Believe in Ghosts

For many years in the United States to belief in ghosts was considered taboo. It is still considered “para” normal as opposed to “normal” to believe that ghosts exist. But I find when I mention my belief in ghosts that one out of every three people I talk to confirm that they also believe. They immediately state that they, a relative, or a friend has experienced something that they could not easily explain.

So in America do we still keep our belief in ghosts under our hats? I wonder if there is still a fear of being ridiculed by others if this belief becomes known. I personally have always been very open about my belief and the only people that respond negatively to me are people who do not know me. People who know me accept my belief without pause. In fact, people who know me often open up and talk in more depth about their own beliefs—ghosts or otherwise.

* In recent years surveys asking Americans if they believe in ghosts have shown an increase in the amount of people who do believe. Most reflect that women (47%) 2 to 1 over men believe in ghosts. Recent statistics also reflect an even larger portion of our population believes in protective spirits who are involved in their daily lives. In a recent online survey 77% of the responders stated they had felt the presence of an angel or dead spirit.

One final thought, my belief in ghosts has enriched my life immensely.

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