Saturday, March 19, 2011

Common Encounters with Ghosts

Encounters with spirits are not always what you would expect. 

A stereotype is that a ghost will do about anything to get your attention, such as, move objects, and make really loud noises. Another stereotype is that spirits will physically hurt you in some way, scratching etc. These types of encounters do happen but rarely.

I have found over the years that spirits more often than not choose much more subtle ways to get your attention. Because of this you really have to be tuned in or you will miss their efforts.

Conducting EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) sessions is a great way to pick up spirit activity. All you need for this is a recorder. My group often picks up direct responses to our questions on our digital voice recorders. 

During these sessions we also pick up loud sounds, such as, banging which we don’t hear in real time. Just a cautionary note here: don’t disregard the sounds you do hear in real time during EVP sessions.  

Spirits are often able to muster enough energy to communicate directly as well. The classic example of this is rocks being thrown. We have encountered this phenomenon both indoors and outdoors.

Other common encounters our group experiences are smells and odors, such as, floral scents, gunpowder, cigar smoke, wood burning. These odors are often how the spirit initially announces their presence.

My group has rarely encountered rotting, dead smells. We do not encourage negative energy.

Touch is another common way spirits let their presence be known. Because of this my group often states during investigations that it is okay to touch us. We have had our hands, arms touched, backsides patted, and legs brushed.

My advice is to practice observing the little things –this is your best chance to spot spirit activity and capture evidence.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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