Monday, March 28, 2011

Kestrel Hand-Held Weather Station

My group uses a Kestrel 4000 Pocket Weather Tracker when we investigate. It is a nifty hand held weather station. 

Race car teams, firefighters, and the military all trust and use Kestrels. They are lightweight, small, and durable. You can drop them or submerge them in water and they still work. The unit floats.

I hang mine around my neck. They give you an instant read out on these weather conditions: barometric pressure, temperature (heat index), dew point, wet bulb, humidity, density altitude, and wind chill factors. 

Mine also gives the wind speed (MPH, knots, KPH, Feet Per Minute, and Beaufort Wind Scale). The display lights up and there are added features, such as, the unit records current, average, maximum wind speed, barometric pressure etc. so it gives a nice readout on all weather parameters plus the time they occurred.

The Kestrel also graphs all the data it stores. You can even customize the way the unit displays its data. It is easy to use just put in the altitude of your location and the Kestrel then gives very accurate data on your exact location with a press of a button. The unit is so fine-tuned it records even slight fluctuations.

The unit stores the data it records continuously either automatically or manually. It  has a nice computer interface so you can upload all this data to your computer. The Kestrel’s range is 30 feet.

So why use a Kestrel during a paranormal investigation? The information above answers this question but let me be specific. 

Our group backs up the cold or hot spots we feel during an investigation with the Kestrel’s data-- this is a great way to confirm evidence. Our unit also helps us determine if the breeze we are feeling is recorded wind or not.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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