Friday, March 18, 2011

Darkness Radio

If you have an iPhone or an Android you are familiar with apps. “Stitcher” is an app that plays an incredible assortment of podcasts. This app is where I discovered “Darkness Radio.” 

If you are interested in anything connected to the paranormal this podcast is for you. Dave Schrader hosts his show fives nights a week live on FM News Talk 100.3 KTLK from 11:00 to midnight central time. 

I rarely have time to listen to his show live so I listen to the Stitcher podcast or I go to “” and check out his show archives and choose the topics that interest me.

Dave is a very good interviewer and he allows all points of view on his show this generates some really interesting discussions. 

Because of Dave’s reputation he has access to the top writers and researchers in the paranormal field. He recently did two shows on “Black-Eyed Kids” if you don’t know about this phenomena I recommend his two shows on this subject. I found them very interesting and very scary.

Here is some of his podcasts.

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