Friday, March 25, 2011

The Constantino’s Unique Way of doing EVP’s

Mark and Debby Constantino have a very unique way of capturing Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs). They are showcased on the television show “Ghost Adventures.” 

They capture a lot of class “A” EVPs that are considered the best. Their success is connected to the way in which they collect or capture EVPs

An EVP is a voice or sound you capture on a recording that you do not hear in real time. It is only when you listen to your recording, after the fact, that you hear it. 

The traditional way investigative teams do this is to set up several digital recorders at various locations during their investigations and leave them running for a while—anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. Traditionally these recordings are not listened to until after the investigation is over.

A traditional EVP session is where an investigative team will sit down turn on their recorders ask questions of the spirits present and then wait quietly—giving the spirit a chance to respond into their recorders. 

It is during these sessions where team members are encouraged not to whisper so their voices will not be mistaken later on the recorder as a spirit voice. 

“Tagging” is very common during these sessions where every team member identifies their voice—by stating their name on the recording. 

Then as the EVP session progresses any non-spirit noises, such as, traffic passing, someone sneezing, an investigators’ footsteps etc., is stated so it is recorded. This is done so later it is not mistaken for spirit activity or a spirit voice.

The Constantinos have revised this traditional system to make it much more practical. 

First, they use at least two or more recorders right next to each when they do EVPs. They have gotten some amazing results with this technique. 

They will pick up two totally different responses, for example: spirits talking at the same time but saying different things. So each recorder, despite being right next to each other will have different spirit interaction on them.

Second, they only record for very brief periods of time, around one minute at a time, and then they immediately play them back and listen to them. This is useful because if there is a response their next question can pertain to what the spirit is doing or saying right then. 

I saw them use this technique at the Stanley Hotel and because they listened immediately to the feedback they were getting from the spirit they then knew to address the spirit by its’ name “Manuel” and they were able to ask questions that directly connected to what Manuel was communicating to them.

Update: The two were separated after several domestic violence incidents. This week Mark killed Debby's male roommate, kidnapped and killed her and then killed himself. More about this tragic murder/suicide here and here.

Here is a post about what happened.

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