Sunday, August 23, 2015

Historical Museum Ghosts: Caught on Camera?

The following two stories have gotten attention in recent years. The first claims a ghost was caught on museum security cameras in Utah the second was a digital photo taken in a museum in Pennsylvania.

The first capture occurred in October of 2007 at a Pioneer Memorial Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Late one night when the museum was dark security officers noticed what appeared to be a woman’s face on their security video cameras.

When this image moved, they became concerned an intruder was in the building—they called in the Highway Patrol to investigate.

When these officers arrived the image on the screens slowly faded—it had remained on the screens for several minutes. The police found no one in the museum. But this story did not end here.

Three more times over the next seven days various museum employees spotted this female face on the security videos. The camera lenses were cleaned and items where shifted but this image continued to appear.

At the end of this week it was seen for the last time.

Image captured

Some state the image seen was just a reflection in glass that the cameras picked up. But it was recorded in various rooms and even more compelling it changed positions.

So was this a ghost?

The second image was captured in 2014 on a digital camera.

A Civil War re-enactor and his brother were visiting the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum when a friend snapped a photo of them in one room.

He captured a fuzzy out-of-focus figure that looks odd.

It should be noted the three visitors claim they were the only three in the room at the time this photo was taken.

The photographer stated, “The coat the figure wears had an old fashioned rain flap and it is wearing high gloves. There appears to be a sword on the figures left side.”

It was also noted the figure’s feet appeared odd.

This photo has been shared multiple times on reddit and Pinterest.

Click on image to enlarge.

Skeptics state this is just another re-enactor but the visitors insist they were the only three in the room.

So was this a ghost?

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