Saturday, August 29, 2015

Haunted London App

Now this is my kind of app . . .

Make it Digital Ltd has created a very fun app for those interested in haunted spots in London.

This app can be bought in the iTunes app store for 99 cents.

The first thing that pops up is a “Featured Haunted Location” where the user can read a short overview of one haunted spot in London.

The user then from this window can hit the “map” button and this goes to Google Maps, which pinpoints the exact location of where this haunting occurs--all the haunted locations featured on the app are integrated with Google Maps

This app highlights the ghosts from London’s darker past and provides short descriptions and stories about each haunting.

Its main menu lists various haunted locations, which include: Possessed Pubs, Ghostly Graveyards, Haunted Buildings, Jack The Ripper and Haunted Underground—the Tube.

One of my favorite sections highlights the various sections along the London Underground where ghostly activity has been reported.

Under each description is a “Report a Disturbance” button where the user can report activity on the apps’ Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The app also has an ”Extras” section where users can find spooky sounds with sound effects or suggest a story that should be included on the app.

This is a great way to experience a virtual tour of London’s haunted hot spots.

The developers of this app also have a “Haunted Edinburgh” app that is available for purchase on iTunes. These two apps can be found here.

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