Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Past Life Experience: The Fire

This is a classic story of a Past Life Experience.

Victoria was born in London in 1946 just after WWll ended. Growing up she often heard stories about the war.

Shortly before her 10th birthday Victoria’s started to have an unusual nightmare.

In each dream she saw herself running through a burning house. Most disturbing she could hear a baby crying. In her dreams she always tried to reach this baby but she never could get to it in time.

For over 20 years Victoria had this same dream.

After she married and her first child was born this dream intensified. Concern for her mental state drove Victoria to see a psychologist.

This man told her this dream represented a deep-seated fear she had of losing a child—but he did not address the fact she had experienced the dream for many years.

Victoria then did research on where she grew up and quizzed her family and friends but there was no incident in her childhood involving a fire.

For several years after her second child was born the dream ceased but when both her children went off to school it returned.

Desperate now, a friend suggested Victoria go to a licensed hypnotherapist that specialized in past regressions. After several sessions Victoria was able to piece together a story that made sense.

Four years before she was born in 1942 she was a woman by the name of Ellen who lived in a townhouse in London with her husband and grandson.

One night a German bomb hit near her home, which then caught their house on fire. This fire spread quickly and Ellen although she tried several times was unable to go upstairs to get her grandbaby.

Ellen passed away a year later—never having recovered from the loss of the infant.

Victoria eventually was able to find the graveyard where Ellen and her grandson were buried. She often visits and leaves flowers. She no longer has the dream.

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