Saturday, August 1, 2015

Malaysian Karaoke Ghost

Collage of Malaysian

Karaoke has become a very popular activity in Malaysia * for people of all ages who use it to unwind and enjoy.

* Karaoke is also popular in a variety of other Asian countries.

This is a first person account told by a young teenage girl who often goes to Karaoke centers with her friends.

Myself, and two of my friends with nothing better to do and bored on a weeknight decided to go sing.

My closest friend Jolin especially enjoys singing for she holds a dream that one day she will be a famous singer like all of her idols.

We headed for our favorite Karaoke spot located in the center of our town. The time flew by as we spent three hours singing, ordering food and having a lot of fun.

Tired, I decided to request our bill. But when it arrived we were in shock for the center had billed us for four people not three.

Our waitress refused to change the bill.

We called the manager over and angrily demanded he explain why we were being billed for four people instead of three.

We tried to explain to him that there were only three of us but he would not budge. Jolin in her typical fashion asked him, “Do you know how to count?”

The manager shrugged and escorted us to his office where he showed us camera footage taken that evening. In the first clip we were singing our lungs out on stage. He pointed out there was a forth teenage girl on stage with us.

He then showed us another clip when we were sitting at our table. In the corner of our table sat the same fourth girl we did not know.

We were horrified for we had not seen this girl the whole evening. It was even more disturbing because it was a slow night at the center with not many people around.

Scared now, we quickly paid the bill and left. We haven’t returned to this center since. My only explanation for that evening is that a ghost joined us.

Here is a fun clip of a foreigner--an American--singing at a Malaysian Karaoke center.

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