Saturday, August 1, 2015

Haunted Object: The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man is an oil painting that depicts a man that looks tortured.

The Anguished Man
The figure of the man in this picture appears bald, his face, neck and a portion of his body that is shown appears red. The mouth is open as if the man is screaming.

Some paintings are made to look this way but The Anguished Man painting is unusual in that it seems to adversely effect people that own it.

Sean Robinson’s grandmother came in possession of the painting when a friend gave it to her. She was firmly convinced that the painting was evil. She told Sean that the woman who gave her the painting mentioned the painter of this piece of art mixed his own blood with the oil paints he used.

Supposedly the artist then committed suicide after he completed it.

His mother stated that she heard crying and saw a shadow man who was faceless and a strange mist, She felt this activity was connected to the picture.

For twenty-five years she kept the painting locked away in her home’s attic in order to protect the family from the evil it projected. She felt this art piece was haunted.

When Sean inherited the painting his family began to experience several unexplained events. They heard the crying and sobbing sounds and saw the shadow figure as well. Sean’s wife had her hair touched while the painting hung upstairs.

His son fell off the stairs inexplicably. Sean feels the painting was the cause. 

Sean states his dog would not go upstairs when the painting was there and now it is in the cellar the family dog will not enter this room.

His wife had another a spine-chilling encounter with this ghost. One night, she thought  Sean had come to bed with her only to look up into a pair of strange eyes. Sean rushed upstairs hearing her screams. Sean put the painting in the cellar at this point.

After this, the dark figure was seen more often, the noises became louder and the family began to feel cold spots around the home. 

Sean set up a camera in front of the painting and filmed it. What he captured on this recording is interesting. This 2+ minute video is below.

Scraping sounds were recorded, a door shuts by itself and a loud bang is heard—while everyone in the house is sleeping.

Sean later set up his camera once more, this time he filmed for three consecutive nights for 8 hours each time-- he captured the loud bang sound again and he also captured the painting falling over on its own in the middle of the night. This video is below as well.

Sean still owns the painting but these days he keeps it locked in the basement of his home to protect his family. He feels it is cursed.

He has had many offers from others to buy the painting but for some reason he has no desire to sell it.

As usual, skeptics have claimed these videos are hoaxes. I will leave that to the reader to decide.

Here is the original video footage Sean shot of the painting.

Here is the second video where Sean captured the painting falling over.

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