Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Spirit of Mr. Jeeves

The Spirit of Mr. Jeeves

A popular post on this blog is about ghost cats—it is located here.

One interesting story about a ghost cat returning happened in St. Augustine, Florida, in the late 60s.

A chef who worked a second shift started to notice a sizeable Himalayan cat that accompanied him as he walked home. Someone in his apartment building evidently owned this cat, for he always veered off around the corner when the chef reached his front door.

He befriended this cat and noticed on its collar was the name “Mr. Jeeves” clearly printed.

The cat was friendly and often rubbed against his legs but the chef found it odd Mr. Jeeves would not let him pet him or pick him up.

After a month had passed and the cat was still accompanying him home. When he went to pay his rent, he asked the landlords if they knew who owned the large cat.

As he described the cat he noticed the elderly couple clammed up and refused to talk about it.

Later, another tenant told him that the landlords had a daughter named Helen. She was killed seventeen years before while she crossed the busy street in front of the apartments. Her cat was killed with her.

She mentioned she had also seen the ghost cat over the years.

He now understood why the cat never let him pick him up.

The chef tried to take a photograph of Mr. Jeeves but when the prints came back, the cat was not in the photo. Mr. Jeeves had been in the center of the frame when the chef snapped the picture.

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