Saturday, August 8, 2015

Haunted Tuen Mun Road

Tuen Mun Road
This expressway is Hong Kong’s busiest. Its twelve-mile stretch circles this bustling city. Its lanes wind along a steep terrain next to the coastline.

This road has a tragic history of fatal traffic crashes—some attribute these crashes to design flaws, narrow treacherous lanes, blind spots, poor maintenance and weather.

Traffic jams make drivers impatient and many drive too fast along Tuen Mun.

This road was opened in 1977 and in the past 35 years there have been an extremely high number of car accidents—many drivers who have been involved in these accidents have stated that something mysterious caused them.

Many locals believe that ghosts caused some of these accidents. They state that ghosts appear on Tuen Mun causing drivers to swerve to avoid them.

These ghosts are seen standing suddenly in the middle of the road and people state that this is the reason many multi-car accidents have happened.

The worst accident happened in July of 2003. A truck driver lost control and careened into a passenger bus—both vehicles then went through guardrails over the embankment and down a 115-foot cliff.

This crash killed 21 people including the bus driver. Afterwards witnesses stated they saw ghosts on the highway.

The locals believe with each fatal accident the number of ghosts increases. Some believe these ghosts have an evil intent. They state tthe ghosts scare drivers in order to add to their numbers.

Others drivers involved in accidents claim that they mysteriously lost control of their cars for no apparent reason. They believe the ghosts had a hand in these incidents.

Some drivers state they have seen glowing eyes in the bushes that line this expressway.

An interesting side note to these beliefs is the fact that the area where this highway sits was haunted years before it was constructed.

Locals are not the only ones to witness ghosts on the Tuen Mun. Several tourists that knew nothing about the ghost stories connected to this road have reported seeing apparitions.

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