Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ghost Cats

Ghost Cats are a form of the paranormal that occurs quite often. More often than not, people who experience this phenomenon are people who have had a cat pass on recently. Other stories I have heard involve the cat returning at specific times of the year, like the holidays.

People even have photographs where these deceased cats show up in them in transparent form. Eyewitness accounts are too numerous to list here but the most common are cats jumping up on the bed with their former owners, laying down next to them or walking across their legs. Another common report is people reporting that these Ghost Cats brush against their legs or they hear them meowing. And yet other reports describe cats scratching at the bedclothes on their owners’ beds.

My group members have also experienced this phenomenon at investigations we have done. One store we investigate on a regular basis has a resident ghost cat. Several of my members have had their legs brushed and seen this cat out of the corner of their eyes. We put a food dish down for this cat as a “trigger object.”

Below is a video at a private residence we investigated. This camera was on a tripod in the backyard. During the time we filmed this cat the camera went haywire (all the static) once the cat disappeared the camera went back to normal focus. This is a “possible” ghost cat. Look closely at the first few seconds and again at the end when the cat is out in the open it appears to be transparent.

The only cat in this area has no tail, this one does.


Carrie J. Ryan said...

This is a fabulous video! As a cat lover and someone who has personally had 2 ghost cat visitations, I love this video.

Bob J said...

I could not see the video but I believe it as my grand daughter has claimed of seeing her deceased cat.

Gracey said...

We had to put our cat down a few months ago... my baby for 17 years. I still hear her walking across the living room floor when I'm home alone, and from time to time, I see her sitting on the floor beside my desk. My husband ha seen her too. Miss her a lot.

Ghost Seeker said...

It is nice she visits you.

Harmony Hedger said...

Iv had 3 cats leave me. My most recent one was my little girl Pandora. She was only 3 and a half and died of liver failure. My other cat who is still with me talks to her in the hallway of my house and I see her pop her head round the door of my living room, when I go to investigate she is not there physically but I know she is. My other deceased cat is called ludo, he has found my new home and I have seen him a few times now. He was always very playful. Bobby was my first cat and I believe him to be the same spirit of my childhood cat. He is never far from my dreams and is always very vivid .

Virginia Lamkin said...

I believe the connections people make with their pets continues after death.