Monday, April 11, 2011

Battery Drain

This actually happens quite a lot on investigations. Battery drain is when most of the equipment, such as, camcorders, digital voice recorders, meters, flashlights, and IR (infrared lights) etc. that use batteries will die individually or all go dead at the same time. 

The theory is that the spirit(s) are using the battery energy to manifest or communicate. On several investigations I have been on—every single battery in the room has drained—this is a sign that you are standing in a very active spot.

Because of this it is very important to always have extra batteries in your pockets and extras stored in a central location, like a toolbox. Before every investigation my group makes sure that everything we use has fresh batteries. 

Investigators need to always have a small Phillips screwdriver with them because many items, such as, meters have their battery compartments secured with small screws.

Battery Drain is especially inconvenient with camcorder batteries. These and IR Lights (I use ones that you can plug into a wall outlet) have rechargeable batteries but it takes 10 or more hours to recharge them. 

This means investigators have to have several rechargeable batteries on hand for each piece of equipment that uses them. This is both expensive and time-consuming. Because rechargeable batteries often take days to recharge.

I plug in camcorders into to the wall to keep them running if there are outlets available during an investigation-- I use long extension cords to keep the camcorders and some of our IR Lights running for hours that are mounted on tripods. 

This is an added bonus because spirits do not tap into electrical sources as often as they do batteries.

The best batteries on the market today are “Lithium” based. I buy Energizer batteries and Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. Most camcorder batteries are lithium based. 

I avoid buying alkaline batteries they just do not last as long. Of course any battery can be “drained” but I find lithium batteries last much longer. The upfront expense is more but they are worth it in the long run.

I encourage use of more reliable batteries because when you experience activity-- you do not want to have to stop and change batteries constantly. 

You can’t completely avoid it but you can cut down on how often it happens. This will give you a better chance to capture evidence.

Happy Ghost Hunting! 

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