Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thrills and Chills

Why do people actively seek out or hunt ghosts? The stereotype is that we are pursuing "thrills and chills." This is not accurate. 

It can be very interesting and fun--sometimes. But my goal is to help others and find answers.

Often young people, college age, ask me if they can come on one of my group’s hunts. When I ask them why they want to come, this is their standard reply: I want to experience a scare. 

It is hard for me to explain to them that the last person I want on a ghost hunt with me is someone who wants to have a frightening experience.

I say be very careful what you wish for—you might just get it.

The following is an incident that happened to a friend of mine. She did not wish for it. She moved into a house on the west side of town. Shortly within moving in activity started. 

It became so prevalent that workmen who were helping her renovate started bringing all kinds of religious objects to protect her and themselves. She ended up sealing most of these items into her walls.

What these workmen didn’t know was just how aggressive one particular energy was.

My friend was experiencing a form of an “incubus.” She would wake up during the night aware of something that was not visible touching her. An “incubus” is a very negative, aggressive energy who violates women in a sexual manner. 

My friend’s boyfriend, a very tall strong man, was aware the house was active; he in fact had many encounters while he lived there. There were other types of ghosts in this house as well.

This “incubus was so aggressive that one night as it tried to pull my friend off the bed, her boyfriend woke up, grabbed her and tried to prevent it from happening. This incubus then proceeded to pull both of them right off the bed. 

This experience was extremely frustrating—how do you defend yourself against something you cannot see? This house still has activity but not as much since it has been smudged/cleansed and blessed. My friend still lives there.

While this house was active, these entities were so intrusive that it caused these two to break off their relationship. This is why I cringe when people wish for “thrills and chills.”

These kinds of encounters are rare but they do happen.

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