Friday, April 8, 2011

Ghost Photography

Whether you use traditional film or digital cameras there are standard anomalies you need to be aware of when taking pictures so you don’t think you have captured something paranormal.

Always take camera straps off your equipment. Literally thousands of photos have been misrepresented as paranormal phenomena because they have a glowing or fuzzy band, or bar —they are camera straps that fell in front of the lens.  

The only exception to this rule is camcorders that have hand straps permanently attached to the side.

If you see a photo that has one of more streaks of light in the frame more often than not this phenomena is not paranormal. “Light Lag” has actually occurred. 

A long exposure (shutter stays open longer than normal) combined with the camera being moved, even slightly causes this. Point and Shoot cameras are often the main culprit for Light Lags. The picture below is a classic example of this.

Orbs are circles of light that show up, they are transparent, and come in all colors. Orbs are not paranormal. They are caused by pollen, dust particles, moisture, and static, etc. in the air. 

Regardless of how they appear they are still not paranormal. “Orbs” are the most common mistake made.

This large orb to the left of the TV we caught on one of our DVR cameras. The light on the blind is a reflection of a light from the camera lens.

Cigarette smoke is often misidentified as paranormal in nature. Smog, fog and mists caused from moisture in the air are often misidentified as paranormal in nature as well. 

Ghost investigators avoid taking pictures outside in rainy, stormy weather because of this.

Here are a few more common mistakes: flash reflections, reflections from shiny surfaces, and “Lens Flare” which occurs when the camera is aimed at the sun or bright lights. 

Bugs are often mistaken for paranormal activity. The light from the camera makes them appear to be solid white and glowing. 

Long Exposures besides causing Light Lags also cause this effect-- if a person moves even a little bit while the camera’s shutter is open-- they will appear semi-transparent.

The top photo is an example of our flash reflecting off shiny surfaces outside. 

The second photo is a rainbow reflection off one of our DVR camera lenses. This mirror is an example of how shiny objects can reflect--its outline is reflected upon the wall.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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