Friday, April 22, 2011

Noises that go “Bump in the Night”

Certain weather patterns help spirit activity become more apparent to us humans. Unfortunately wind is one of these. 

Why I say this is unfortunate is because we often pick up more paranormal activity during wind storms but the activity we pick up such as footsteps, and voices, can be a challenge since you have to filter out the spirit noise from the wind noise.

It is logical that spirits do use wind as a vehicle to communicate. Wind stirs up more static electricity in the air. Many paranormal investigators feel that static electricity help spirits gain energy to manifest. 

In the spring months in the west where I live stronger windstorms occur that produce dust storms and sometimes, dust devils, which makes static electricity stronger. Our dry winter days also create similar conditions.

My group has observed this spirit activity in several ways. Through EVP sessions, on our PX Box, and on our Ghost Radar apps which become much more active and seem to join the conversation. 

Also there are more noises in general, like footsteps etc., that appear to be trying to get our attention.

But as I mentioned above this is unfortunate because this evidence is hardest to prove because a skeptic would still state that the noises we hear are just a result of the wind. Ironically they would be partially right, it is stirred up by the wind but not all of it is just the wind.

Update: On Good Friday we did an impromptu EVP session on a clients' back porch. We had experienced activity in this spot before. 

We used Bill Chappell’s PX Box, a digital voice recorder, and a Ghost Radar App on my android phone. It was a very windy night. After a few typical EVP questions the owner of the house requested the spirit, who was giving us direct answers to our questions, tell us a story.

It was amazing. None of us at the table had been talking about Easter or Good Friday but the PX Box started listing words and short phrases. 

We listened as it stated: died, human, sins, many years ago, relived, Jesus. It repeated several of these words and then it stated the professions of some of us at the table.

After we put two and two together we realized the spirit was telling us the Easter Story. None of us are particularly religious so it took us a few minutes to figure this one out. 

You can’t make stuff like this up. This is why I love ghost hunting so much.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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