Saturday, April 2, 2011

Respecting Spirits

A trend portrayed a lot on television recently is the notion that you have to “taunt” spirits while communicating with them in order to get them to respond during EVP sessions etc. 

My group looks at this issue from a very different light. We believe that spirits when alive were people just like us; who had jobs, families, and problems. 

We adhere to the notion that if these spirits were nice in life they probably are nice in death, but if they held a lot of negative energy in life they probably generate a lot of negative energy in death.

Regardless of whether we encounter positive or negative energy --we view spirits as energy sources-- so when we are tuned in we can feel their energy more often than not before the spirit makes their present known in other ways. 

I am aware this sounds totally off the wall but I have encountered people my whole life that feel this energy as deeply as I do. Some label this ability as being “Sensitive” and believe it or not everyone has this ability, some just take to it more naturally than others. 

People can fine-tune this ability by using Reiki Meditation etc.

When people are tuned in they feel a variety of physical sensations. Common ones include: a sensation of pressure on your head, neck, or mid section. Often people’s stomachs react, such as, feelings of nausea. Some feel tingling, vibrations etc. throughout their bodies. 

I personally have had spirits walk right through me. This causes my breastbone to literally vibrate.

Because of this connection my group chooses not to taunt spirits. 

Plus we feel when we encounter more negative energy it is not a good idea to exasperate the situation. 

On a similar note, we have found that when we state our intentions clearly and treat spirits with respect we often get responses. So it is not necessary to rile them up or insult them in order to communicate with them. Just a thought.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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