Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Optimum Time to Ghost Hunt

Many ghost hunters feel that the best time to hunt is when it is dark or at certain times during the lunar cycle. 

Along with this, many believe that when solar flares are active or, when there is a lot of geomagnetic activity in space it is a good time to hunt. So why are these beliefs widely held?

Let’s start with hunting in the dark. People experience spirit activity during the day as well as at night. So do ghost hunters choose nighttime just to have a scarier experience? Actually no. 

There are several valid reasons why night hunts are preferred over daytime ones. The top one is nighttime tends to be quieter than daytime. If ghosts make sounds you can hear them.

Television shows always betray hunts taking place in total darkness, which is fine, but a lot of groups when they hunt at night keep the lights on—this is considered easier. Our group turns off the lights and hunts at night because we feel spirits are more active at night than during the day.

We also hunt at night because it is practical. There are less people, cars, etc. around. With less distractions around we can hear and smell more, and notice activity more readily. 

Lastly, we consider night hunts optimum because our investigators are off work at this time and stores, restaurants, and other commercial places we investigate are closed.

Does a full or new moon affect spirit activity? Sometimes. 

Full moons impact the living and more often than not when my group has investigated during full or new moons we hear, see and pick up more EVP’s. I think most groups have experienced this same phenomena so they also take advantage of the lunar cycle.

Many paranormal groups check to see when solar flares are active and when geomagnetic fields have reached a storm level. 

It is believed that spirits tap into these two energy sources because it helps them manifest easier. 

Again, we don't always pick up activity during these events. So I cannot state that solar flares and heightened geomagnetic activity guarantee spirit activity.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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Nessie55 said...

There is another consideration for doing investigations at night. In the light, our predominant sense is sight. If you reduce your reliance on that sense, it might allow other senses to become more attuned.