Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Are Volunteers

My group, like most paranormal groups in the United States today is made up of volunteers. This means we do not charge clients for our time or efforts. 

I mention this because if you encounter a group that wants to charge you money—be aware that most groups do not.

The only exception to this is if a group has to travel, then some clients help out with gas and other travel expenses. 

When my group investigates commercial properties, such as, hotels, they always graciously give us a good discount on our rooms-- we don’t mind what we do pay because most close their doors to others so we can investigate in private.

This weekend we are investigating a Lodge that has fifty-six rooms. It is a mountain lodge located at 9000 feet with beautiful scenery. There are some nice benefits that come along with investigations.

A final thought—if you are looking to join a paranormal investigative group and they expect you to pay for the privilege of going out on investigations with them—run away fast. 

This is dishonest in my opinion. The only time you should spend money is to help the group buy equipment; when my members do this the items they buy are their property.  

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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