Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do Entities Follow You Home?

I have met many people that feel that a ghost or entity followed them home. This has never happened to me. I am thankful for this because even though I seek out ghosts, I do not want them in my home.

This subject is one you cannot ignore. People that actively ghost hunt know this is a real hazard. There are many discussions on the net on how to prevent this from happening. 

I am not an expert but I do have several relatively simple methods I use to protect myself.

First and foremost regardless of what you use it is very important you believe in it. For this reason each individual member in my group uses what is closest to their own hearts. 

We do have some quick and simple rituals we do together before and after each investigation. We form a circle and clasp hands. This portrays a strong bond or united front.

At the beginning of an investigation I personally state an abbreviated version of St. Michael’s battle prayer:

"We call upon St. Michael to protect us from all negative energy present. We also humbly request God use his power to thrust all negative forces to a place where they may do us, the living, no harm."

At the end of an investigation in order to protect ourselves again we form a circle and each investigator does what they are most comfortable doing. I personally state another abbreviated prayer:

"May the Lord command all spirits to be bound here, may they not follow us for we are well intentioned. And we pray you listen to the Lord and follow where he commands you to go."

Here are some of the rituals that are not religious in nature that we have used for protection. 

One of my members uses Snow Geese feathers. Many people use these because Snow Geese are known to be always on the move, they do not establish home bases. Another uses Quartz for protection. 

Some investigators place in their homes four quartz crystals pointing in the four directions: north, south, etc.

Finally, a classic is to pick up a rock from the area that has been investigated and then the investigator sets it down as they leave—it is then important not to look back. 

My group at various times have used these forms of protection during our investigations because they repel spirits.

I did an investigation once with a lady who wore a quartz crystal around her neck. We requested she remove it during the investigation for quartz repels ghosts.

She explained to us she had had several experiences where she felt she was a target for negative spirits. So we agreed she should wear it. 

She had this necklace tightly tied at the back. As the evening progressed she was very critical of everyone around her. 

We were investigating a restaurant that was very active. This night the spirits didn’t like her attempt at deflection. As we did our first EVP, and she actively made fun of both the living and the dead her necklace dropped easily to the floor.

I share this example only because I feel a person’s attitude has a lot to do with how well they can protect themselves. 

Just like most situations in life if your focus is negative you attract negative energy and if your focus is positive you attract positive energy.

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