Friday, November 28, 2014

One Last Call

A paranormal phenomenon that is more common than many realize is phone calls from the dead.

In another post entitled, Phone Calls From Beyond I share a story about a man who after being killed in a California commuter train accident then made phone calls to his fiancé and several relatives.

There are many stories where people state they talked to a deceased relative or loved one on the phone. These often occur within a short time span from when the person died or on days that have specific significance like birthdays, holidays or anniversaries.

These calls are always from someone who was very close to the recipient. The purpose for them varies but most often they are to say a final farewell or to lend comfort to those left behind.

In other instances they are used to send a specific message or to warn the living of impeding danger.

A well-known 1930s and 40s actress, Ida Lupino  later became one of Hollywood’s first female directors. Here is her story.

Ida Lupino
Actress, screenwriter, producer
and director.
Six months after my father died I received a phone call from him. He told me where I could find some important papers that I needed in order to sale his house. Sure enough I found them exactly where he said they’d be.

Some of these phone calls take on a twist or added dimension. The following story fits in this category.

This caller did not know the person on the other end has already died.

A Christmas Conversation

It was to be the first time Ginny would not be home for Christmas. Her father lived in her home state of Maine and she now lived in California.

She had arranged to call her Dad on Christmas but a feeling that something was wrong overwhelmed her.

She picked up her phone and called him. Before he was able to speak she asked, “Dad, are you okay?”

“Sure, honey,” he replied. “How come you are calling now? Christmas is just two days away.”

Ginny explained that she had been afraid something had happened to him. He reassured her, “I have never felt better in my life. “

The two then had a nice long conversation and Ginny hung up feeling relieved.

That afternoon a Maine state policeman called her.

“I am sorry to give you this news, ma’am.” The officer apologized. “There was a bad ice storm last night and your father slipped and fell and hit his head. He died immediately. A neighbor didn’t discover his body until this morning.”

Ginny exploded, “That’s impossible. I just talked to my Dad a few hours ago and he was fine!”

It slowly sunk in that he was telling her the truth. Her father had passed away. When he had told her “I have never felt better.” It was because he was no longer bound by the many ailments that had plagued him in life.

Her Dad had somehow managed to have one last conversation with her.

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