Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tornado Victim Returns as Guardian Angel

The Tragedy

A deadly tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City on the afternoon of May 20, 2013.

Ariel view of Plaza Towers Elementary
after tornado.
Seven school children died in the hallway of Plaza Towers Elementary when this EF5 tornado hit.

Nicolas McCabe
Nicolas McCabe a 9-year old third grader was one of these victims.

A Comforting Photograph

Six weeks later the McCabe family during a Fourth of July celebration took a picture of Nicolas’ cousin, Madison playing with a sparkler.

Nicolas’ father Scott McCabe noticed there were two faces in this photo--in the front is Madison just behind her is the face of his deceased son appearing to “watch over” his cousin.

He was not surprised to see Nicolas in this photo--he always loved the Fourth of July and firecrackers.

Some skeptics have stated this second face is just a blurred image of Madison a “double image” caused by movement of the camera.

Scott McCabe and his family do not agree. When Scott’s brother first saw the photo the hair stood up on the back of his neck.

Scott states it is obvious there are two faces in the photograph. There are two different skin tones and the two images have their own distinct facial features.

Scott goes on to state that he can see Nicolas’ Plaza Towers school T-shirt in the photo. Nicolas was buried in this shirt.

Scott McCade
The McCabe family takes comfort from this photo. Scott believes it proves that Nicolas is watching over the family.

Here is the photo:
Fourth of July 2013
Click to enlarge

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Leona Joan said...

I agree with Nicolas' Dad, this sure looks like Nicolas to me. God bless him always. ❤