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The Ghosts of Fells Point

Sitting on a picturesque peninsula in the Chesapeake Bay is a small community called Fells Point that still embraces its roots.

Baltimore's Fells Point
Fells Point today is lined with quaint 18th and 19th century homes and storefronts. This area hosts several trendy bars and restaurants.

An Englishman, William Fell who originally owned this land, founded a shipbuilding business in 1726. His ships became the famous “Baltimore Schooners.”

Fells Point made an excellent port because its deep waters almost reach the shoreline. It was Baltimore’s main port for over 100 years.

Its original residents were the rowdy seamen that visited the Point along with the working-class citizens of Baltimore. They frequented the pubs and brothels that were located near this port.

This rich history is why many believe this area is haunted today. Most of the ghostly activity occurs in the pubs and along the streets in this small port community.

Red Light District

The Cats Eye Pub was also a brothel in the early days. It used a “red light switching system” that was common in establishments that provided its customers with prostitutes.

This system was a board with several red light bulbs. When a Lady of the Evening would flip her switch off, it signaled she was not available. When she was ready for her next client, she would flip her red light bulb on.

This switching system is where the term Red Light District comes from.

Today the renovated Cats Eye Pub is still used as a bar. A recent employee, Paige McClain states this old switching system was covered up by drywall when the building was renovated.

She and several other employees believe the spirits of these prostitutes haunt this pub.

The old switching system is located just below the ceiling near the front of the bar. Both employees and patrons have heard these switches engaging and disengaging.

The Whistling Oyster

This pub is located in a building that once was a row house. At one time it had a second floor.

In the early days, the owner decided he had no use for the second floor, so he had the staircase removed.

Today, patrons at the Whistling Oyster report seeing an apparition ascending this staircase, which no longer exists.

William Fell’s Ghost

The original owner of Fell’s Point is also said to haunt this peninsula. A man dressed in 18th century clothing has been seen by several recent residents.

Coby Kay Callahan and her boyfriend Christopher Carter were heading home at 2:30 a.m. when they spotted a strangely dressed man walking into an alley up ahead.

When they reached the entrance to this alley, no one was in it. This sighting is not unusual. Several other witnessed have reported seeing this ghost.

He is seen late at night--normally after the bars have closed--walking along various streets in Fell’s Point.

It is said that this was probably his habit while alive.

Edgar Allan Poe

Another haunted pub located at Fells Point is The Horse You Come In On.

This pub is located on the last street before you reach the dock. It is believed this was one of Poe’s favorite places to drink.

I talk about this pub and several other places Poe’s ghost is said to haunt here.

Employees of this pub blame Poe’s ghost for several strange occurrences that happen.

One female bartender while preparing to open for business states that when she walked up to the cash register, it opened on its own. She closed the drawer and went about her business.

When she returned to the area, she was surprised to see the drawer open once more. She again closed it. After this, it opened several more times.

At the end of her shift when the next bartender arrived, she told him what had happened. He was not surprised. He informed her that it was just Edgar, their ghost. He told her the cash register drawer opening on its own was a common occurrence.

This female bartender found out quickly that if she talked to Poe, and acknowledged his presence, the activity slowed down for a while.

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