Saturday, November 1, 2014

Haunted Ghost Whisperer Set

Jennifer Love Hewitt the star of the popular American television show entitled Ghost Whisperer claims to this day that this show--2005 to 2010-- was haunted by real ghosts.

Hewitt’s character in this show-- Melinda Gordon had the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Hewitt feels that the shows' subject matter attracted real ghosts to the sets where the show was filmed.

During filming the 28-year old Hewitt and various other members of the cast and crew all reported noticing unusual occurrences.

Lights on the set would move several inches as actors watched and overhead lights would burst over actors’ heads into a million pieces. This would occur especially if they were playing a role where they expressed verbally they did not believe in ghosts.

Other lights would whirl around out of control without cause and set props were found moved or missing.

Rumors started to spread about these odd incidents and several actors announced they would not accept “guest appearances” on this show.

On one particular set Hewitt and seven crewmembers one day all reported being touched by a ghost.

As Hewitt was walking onto the set to start a scene she felt something tug the bottom of her dress. A female crewmember had her sweater tugged and a male crewmember had the bottom of his jeans tugged.

Many members of the crew became firmly convinced there were paranormal presences following them around as they filmed.

Their belief was confirmed later when they were filming Hewitt in a scene when she noticed something strange going on behind her. It seemed like something just over her shoulder was moving around. She turned and glimpsed a shadow.

She and the crew checked out this film footage and to their shock, they saw what appeared to be a ghostly figure turn around right behind where Hewitt was standing.

Hewitt during a guest spot on the talk show Ellen in 2007 talked about this haunting and showed the film clip with the ghost behind her on set.

Ghost Whisperer won several teen and young people awards while it originally aired. All five seasons can be watched on Netflix.

In another post here I discuss Hewitt’s haunted home, which inspired this show.

Here is a recent interview with Hewitt where she mentions again the set being haunted on Ghost Whisperer. She states several ghostly actors were captured in scenes--they were not seen on set during filming.

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