Saturday, November 29, 2014

Haunted Alaskan Highway

In the summer of 1993 a Canadian couple went on a camping trip to Alaska. On their return trip they decided to drive back on the Alaska Highway--better known as the Alcan Highway.

Driving this highway today is still an adventure even though the road is paved. Divers need to watch out for the “frost heaves” that are caused by seasonal freezing and thawing on the ground. These cause a rough ride.

Loose gravel and dust also still pose dangers, such as broken windshields. Sections of this narrow winding road do not have shoulders.

Drivers need to keep their headlights on so oncoming traffic can see them. They also need to monitor their fuel for small towns along this 1,390-mile highway are sparse.

An Unexpected Sight

This couple, were driving on a northern section of the Alcan in British Columbia when they saw something so strange the husband still will not talk about it today.

They were enjoying the untouched wooded scenery they were passing through when the wife spotted a dozen black bears eating berries just off the side of the highway.

As her husband slowed down to take a closer look she stated it was a good thing their truck was in good shape for one would not want to have engine trouble in this isolated area.

Her husband, an avid hunter had remarked on the other wildlife they had spotted during their drive, which included: a grizzly, deer, bighorn sheep and caribou.

Further down the road she was surprised to see a man, a Native American standing just off the highway. There was not another vehicle in sight.

He had long hair, appeared to be in his 40s or 50s and was wearing a hat. He was just standing there--he did not appear to be hitchhiking.

What was even more unusual was just a few feet behind him stood a huge bull moose. This animal was too large to have been able to approach him without being heard.

As they passed the wife was silent, her husband was also unusually quiet. She finally asked him, “Did you see that guy?” He replied, “Yup.”

“Was there a moose standing behind him?” “Yup.”

Her husband had enthusiastically commented on all the wildlife they had seen that day but now he said nothing.

When she tried to talk to him about how odd this scene was and even joked that maybe the man had ridden in on the moose--her husband was not amused.

Several years have passed and he still refuses to talk about this incident. She mentioned he is a skeptic when it comes to anything paranormal.

She on the other hand thinks they saw a ghost. If it wasn’t a ghost, it was by far the strangest thing she has ever seen.

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