Thursday, November 27, 2014

Holiday Mystery

This is a 1st person account of a disturbing encounter with a ghost who tries to harm a group of college students enjoying the holidays.

My friends and I decided to spend our school break in Scotland. On a budget we decided to camp. Since it was too cold to use out tents we rented a caravan.

On our second night at our campsite we decided to hike over to a nearby village pub. One friend, Sam was feeling under the weather so he decided to stay behind to rest.

As we entered the pub we realized that we did not have enough money so I volunteered to return to our camp.

As I entered the caravan to retrieve my wallet strong gas fumes overwhelmed me. I was surprised to find the stove was on. I turned it off.

I found Sam asleep in the back. He was oblivious to what was going on. I helped him exit the vehicle.

Later that evening as the group discussed what I had discovered we became alarmed. It dawned on us that the gas being turned on could have been fatal for Sam.

None of us were cooks and we would not have turned the stove on. Nervous now, we  wondered who did turn it on. 

Sam chimed in that the night before he awoke to see a figure shutting the caravan ceiling’s pop up window. He did not mention it before because thinking it was just one of us he went back to sleep.

But now as he thought about it this figure was standing on a stool so it could reach the window. All of us were tall enough to reach this window without the aid of a stool.

We concluded that this mysterious man must have been responsible for the gas being turned on as well.

The next morning still unnerved we decided to move on. As we drove down the country road that led to the pub we stopped. We told the landlord our strange story.

He was not surprised. He told us the locals considered the area around our campsite to be haunted.

He told us a group of college students similar to our group had stopped at that campsite just the year before.

As they walked down the country road to his establishment they had encountered a young man. They spoke to him but as they neared the pub this stranger had just disappeared.

They looked around but there was no trace of him.

We asked him if this previous group had described this man. He rubbed his whiskers and replied, “The only thing they mentioned was he was short.”

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