Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vermont’s Ghost Hollow

West Haven village
West Haven is a tiny peninsula town on the extreme southern tip of Lake Champlain in the state of Vermont. It is here where the lake joins the Poultney River that a road is named for a paranormal sighting.

Ghost Hollow Road is today is still just a narrow dirt road that is barely wide enough for 2 cars. Rolling farmland and rocky ledges surrounds it.

In the past West Haven was isolated except for the boats that would land on the town’s wharf. This stop was one of many along Lake Champlain that was the main waterway between Canada and New York.

The long narrow wooded road that leads away from this wharf is dark even on sunny days. This isolated road is said to be haunted.

Two Centuries Ago

A young man sprinted down this road 200 years ago. He was in a panic as he made his way through the dark cold woods anxious to get home to his wife.

She was labor with their first child and he was worried that she might not survive considering only neighbors were with her to help with the birth.

As he raced through the woods he saw a figure approaching him. As he paused he saw a radiant young woman dressed in a white gown that reflected the moonlight.

As he drew nearer he recognized the young woman-- it was his wife. He quickened his pace. Confused, he wondered what was she doing out of bed at a time like this? The figure vanished before he could reach her.

A feeling of dread overwhelmed him as he ran home quickly. He was greeted by the news that his wife had died. 

Later he understood she must have appeared to him in the woods to say goodbye.

The road
Ever since, this young man’s wife has haunted this road--hence the name change--Ghost Hollow.

A woman bathed in a white glow on moonlit nights is seen wondering the woods near this road--she always vanishes as witnesses approach her.

The street sign “Ghost Hollow” has been stolen so often that the town of West Haven decided to paint the name on a large boulder near the intersection so it can no longer be whisked away by teens who want to display it in their bedrooms.

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