Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Mysterious Stranger

Here is a classic Guardian Angel story from Great Britain.

It was late in the afternoon and she was preoccupied as she drove through a rural hilly area.

Alice was heartbroken for she had lost her young daughter to an incurable disease just a few short weeks before.

She came out of her daze as she heard a loud pop. As her car started to bump along and veer to the left she realized one of her tires had blow out.

Alice managed to stop her car and climbed out. As she looked around it dawned on her she was in the middle of no-where.

Wondering how she was going to escape her predicament she prayed to God. Within moments she saw a dark figure crest a hill rolling a tire by his side.

Alice watched as this black man approached where she stood.

He said, “Hello, I have been sent to help you.”

She did not ponder why someone would just turn up out of the blue and know she needed a tire. Instead a feeling of relief washed over her.

The mysterious stranger calmly changed her tire. He then looked in her car’s boot--trunk--and said she best get another spare for hers was flat.

Alice thanked him for his help and then he just walked off but he stopped about 10 yards up the hill and turned around.

In a raised voice he said, “Jenny is alright, you do not need to worry about her.”

This announcement rendered her speechless.

She had her spare tire checked the next day and was informed it was not repairable.

When Alice had time to think about her unusual encounter on the hill she wondered how the man knew her deceased daughter’s name was Jenny.

The only conclusion she could draw was the kind man who helped her was an angel.

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