Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hurricane’s Grey Man, Part l

In another post, The Grey Man of Cape Hatteras the story of this unique ghostly harbinger is shared. This ghost when he appears is taken as a warning that a hurricane is about to hit the coast of North Carolina.

Pawley Island
There are even more stories told about this helpful ghost in South Carolina. Just like their neighbors to the north the residents of Pawley Island in Georgetown County believe this ghost appears before every hurricane that hits their coastline.

Residents of this island right off the coast of South Carolina--state when the Grey Man is seen-- he warns these witnesses to leave the island immediately. The ones who have heeded his advice not only survive their homes survive as well.

So just like the residents of North Carolina people in South Carolina are grateful when the Grey Man appears.

Residents of Georgetown County tell a romantic story of how the Grey Man came to be.

In the late summer of 1822, a young wealthy plantation owner, named James was galloping his horse along the beach with his manservant. James was impatient to arrive at his destination, which was the plantation his fiancé Rachel lived on.

They were to be married in two days. In his emotional haste, James became careless. He fell from his horse head first into a marsh near the beach.

His manservant leapt from his horse to help but he was too late, James was dead.

Later that day, Rachel’s father had the sad task of telling her that James was gone. According to this legend Rachel started to wander the shoreline alone.

One afternoon she spotted a shadowy figure standing in the sand in front of her. She recognized James and started to run toward him but as she drew near he faded away.

That night Rachel had a vivid dream. She heard James’ voice whisper an urgent warning, “Flee the island, the wind is coming.”

She told her parents about this encounter the next morning. She and her family left the island just before a hurricane slammed Pawley’s Island. Rachel and her family not only survived but their plantation was spared as well.

Pawley Island residents believe the Grey Man lingers because he is looking for his lost love.

This story of the Grey Man’s original appearance is not unique, for many witnesses in the future would tell a similar tale.

For this ghost has appeared before every hurricane that has hit the island for over 200 years. The local Pawley Island newspaper always covers who saw the Grey Man before each storm.

In Part ll Hurricane's Grey Man several eyewitness accounts about this phenomenon are shared.

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