Monday, February 16, 2015

The Ghost of Jesse James

Talbott Tavern
The Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky was built in the 1700s. Located in Court Square, it has always provided food and shelter for travelers.

Past famous guests that stayed at this inn include: A young Abraham Lincoln and his family, Daniel Boone, and the exiled French King Louis Phillipe.

Bullet holes in a faded painting and along one wall in the Talbott were put there when Jesse James supposedly shot his gun in the tavern.

A lot of paranormal activity has been reported at the Talbott. Furniture moves, shadows are seen, and phantom music is heard playing.

One apparition seen at the inn is said to be Jesse James’ ghost. I share another location where his spirit is seen here.

A bookkeeper that works at the Talbott encountered his ghost one night as she went upstairs to place money in the safe. She and a cook were the only two people in the inn at this time.

As she walked up the stairs, she was startled when she saw a stranger standing on the landing. He was wearing a long white duster--coat.

She hesitated as he walked across the top landing. The cook joined her on the stairs, for he had also seen the stranger. They both saw this man walk in a door to their right.

As they entered this room, they saw him walk out the back door. They then watched him walk down a hall to a fire escape door, which was locked. He disappeared through this door.

They unlocked this door and saw him looking up at them from the fire escape. He laughed and then vanished in front of them.

A month later this bookkeeper was watching a television show when they showed a picture of Jesse James. She grabbed her husband’s arm and told him that he was the ghost she had seen at the inn.

Two other employees at the tavern have seen the ghost of Jesse James walking down various hallways in this building.

Another ghost seen at the Talbott is a Lady in White. Two guests awoke to see her floating over their bed. She looked down at them and then went out of the window.

They were so frightened they left the inn in the middle of the night.

Yet another witness, an employee at the tavern, states she has seen the Lady in White walk through the Audubon Dining Room on several occasions.

She described this ghost as thin, with long wavy brown hair, and dressed in a 1800s style white dress.

Today, the Talbott Tavern is run as a Bed and Breakfast. This inn hosts one of Kentucky's oldest Bourbon Bars. 

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