Friday, February 20, 2015

China’s Haunted Subway Station

The Caobao Road Subway Station is on the original Number One Line in Shanghai, China. 

Subways are the most inexpensive and convenient form of transportation in Shanghai so many people use and pass through the Caobao station.

According to several popular local legends this station is haunted. For this reason, it has been nicknamed the “Ghost Station.”

Trains often break down here, when maintenance crews pull them out of the station they then find these trains work fine.

Riders that use this station often report that doors will not open when trains are stopped at Caobao.

One gruesome and scary story is told about a male passenger that was waiting for a subway at Caobao when a train hit and killed him.

Witnesses afterwards stated they saw something odd push this man off the platform. Yet others reported they saw this strange figure drag him to the tracks.

Caobao Subway Road Station
Workers that clean the station after it is closed report hearing the eerie sounds of a woman’s laughter. They head down the tracks to a dark secluded spot where these sounds come from but once they arrive, no one is there.

One young girl that committed suicide at Caobao was spotted for several nights right after her death in the station. She was always seen wearing a red dress and sitting on one specific station bench.

The Shanghai manager of this subway line admits he has never visited this station--all the stories make him nervous. He believes the strange activity reported at Caobao might be related to the fact that the local mortuary is located near this station.

Others point to the fact that eight mysterious deaths have occurred in this station since the 1990s.

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